UnscreenMe is about taking breaks from digital devices to discover the joys of using pen and paper.

Why not use the nicest papers to make notebooks that feel great in your hands? That was the initial idea. Cardstock with vibrant coloured textures. A tactile feeling that the glass and metal of electronic devices cannot give you.

Why have we all become so ready to spend $300-$1000 on digital devices that are outdated in less than 5 years, then complain about a $20 notebook which can last decades and remain relevant to a future generation?

We have all started to realise that our notes, diaries, and journal entries stored in apps will not be easy to access in ten or twenty years. If at all, only by converting the data to new apps every few years. Digital is good for backups and searching text though.

Handwritten notes are unique and personal to each of us. Our writing changes throughout our lives, and can even differ on the same day depending how we feel. Apart from the enjoyment there is in using pen and paper, it’s that personal touch that makes reading someone else’s notes so fascinating. There is more of that person, and more of you, in your handwritten notes.